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NET MOULD Kalıp İmalat San. Tic. A.Ş.

Feasibility Analysis

Clients provide technical drawings, CAD data, and specifications for NET MOULD to analyze and support the casting feasibility.

Project Area Analysis
Wall Thickness
Draft Angle


Collaboratively working with clients, they design gating systems and perform engineering calculations using simulation software to optimize the casting process.

Mould Design

We utilize many years of experience and the power of cutting-edge technology to transform unique concepts and designs into reality.

Mould Manufacturing

NET MOULD manufactures molds from suitable steel types, ensuring maximum mold life and selecting the best manufacturing method.

Mould Maintenance

Customers can send molds for maintenance and repair, leaving NET MOULD responsible for delivering quality service.

Casting Trials

Clients can participate in casting trials, benefiting from NET MOULD's experienced team to resolve casting issues.


Measurement Reports

NET MOULD analyzes trial casting measurement reports, identifies corrections needed, and shares final results with clients.

Data Tracking

NET MOULD keeps track of mold data—any updates made to CAD models and document changes made to the moulds.

      Our company offers high-pressure casting mold design and manufacturing services to the leading companies of the casting industry in the fields of automotive, white goods, lighting and industrial products in a high-quality and reliable manner.

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